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'Definition of ‘haircut’

You may have come across the term 'haircut' being mentioned frequently in the papers during the recent Greek financial crisis. According to Wikipedia, a 'haircut' is the difference between the market value of an asset used as loan collateral and the amount of the loan. The amount of the haircut reflects the lender's perceived risk of loss from the asset falling in value or being sold in a fire sale... etc etc etc. Here at Cafe Art we prefer to keep things simple and cut to the chase. Remember our yearly Arts Market at Spitalfields Market? Remember how we love for the general public to connect with the artists at all levels? Well, picture the scene. A big-hearted man visits the event. Loves the work of one of the artist. Strikes a deal on the spot - what do you expect? We're in the Square Mile

Azeem Gents Hair Styles on 69 Brick Lane, E1

The deal was this. Zin (the artist) paints a mural for this man's barber shop. In return, he pays Zin and he also gets a free haircut thrown in. That's how we define 'haircut' in Cafe Art language. Total strangers believing in the artists' talent. So do pop down to Azeem's Gents Hair Styles on 69 Brick Lane, E1. Have a great haircut while you admire Zin's mural. Then pop round to one of our partner cafes round the corner to end the day with a great latte while enjoying more beautiful art! PS. If you remembered, Zin also did another mural at one of our partner cafes too

Get a haircut and admire Zin's mural at the same time. Your haircut will never be the same again!

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