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Do you come from the land down under?

At Cafe Art we're pleased to say we do have many supporters from down under. Especially one exceptionally big-hearted individual by the name of Sarah Lawrence. She fell in love with one of Mateus El Samaria's artworks that was on displayed at Bloomsbury Coffee House, and decided to buy it and take it all the way back to Australia. Due to her flight schedule, we unfortunately did not have the time/opportunity to arrange our usual 'artist-buyer connection' which we're passionate about. Instead, Sarah left the money with Hannah/Karl, the owners of the Cafe, plus a special note for Mateus. How great is that! We're happy to say that they have allowed us to share the note which reads: "My name is Sarah, I'm a lecturer in a small town in Australia and I've been in London on study leave for 2 months. During that time, I've spent a lot of time working in the Bloomsbury Coffee House and enjoying your painting. So, I decided to buy it & take it home with me as a reminder of the trip. Your picture will hang on my wall 10,406 miles away.

Mateus (right) with Hannah (middle), and friend Johana (left) outside The Bloomsbury Coffee House.

Thank you so much for the pleasure it has given me and will give me - you are very talented. Sorry I didn't get to meet you!  Sarah." It's thank you to YOU, Sarah. That note really made Mateus's day. Mateus had a painting featured in our very first calendar in 2012 which featured paintings. She studied fine arts at Middlesex University a few years ago but originally trained as a lawyer in Colombia but had to leave in 2000, becoming a refugee in the UK, and now lives in Finsbury Park, North London. She connected to Café Art through One Support an organisation that works with people with mental health issues. ‘I have improved a lot of things [because of them], like my confidence. You know sometimes art is very difficult and it’s very hard to be respected as an artist. You know you are following your dream. Sometimes you can’t fulfil your basic needs but you have to fulfil your spiritual needs so I am concentrating more on that part of my life now.’ Although she does not have close family here, she exclaimed ‘my family is the world! My family is everyone!’ Mateus made a special thank you card for Hannah & Karl, when she came to the cafe with her friend, Johana, to collect the money & card that Sarah left behind. Thank you to Sarah, Karl and Hannah for supporting and believing in the artists and the project! If you are a visitor to London, and looking for a unique gift or memento, just follow Sarah's lead. Have a drink at Bloomsbury Coffee House (or any of our partner cafes), and enjoy the art on exhibit. We leave you with these kind words Sarah left for us: "It's wonderful to see how well-organised Cafe Art is to ensure that everyone who connects with the system feels very personally acknowledged and appreciated. This must take a lot of time on your part - much appreciated."

The wonderful note left by Sarah for Mateus.

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