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New York, Berlin, Mumbai, Melbourne and Auckland: This Is Where I Live

Please come to the opening of This Is Where I Live 2018 at the Old Diorama Arts Centre.

This year we have had a great selection of works submitted from talented artists affected by homelessness across London which is being sent to the cities that sent us art. Because it's an international art exchange we are hosting the art from from marginalised artists from New York, Berlin, Melbourne, Auckland and Mumbai!

Works range from delicate life studies through to collaborative collages. The works are diverse as this wonderful city, filled with intrigue and beauty, rough edges and beautiful flowers and colours.

This exchange truly reflects the incredible talent that exists in people that are often ignored.

We are honoured to be hosting our 2018 This Is Where I Live exhibition at the Old Diorama Arts Centre, 201 Drummond Street, London on Wednesday 16 May. The exhibition will be open until Sunday 10 June, 2018.

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