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Rubbing shoulders with Royalty, the Rich and the Famous

Thank you, Maria's Cafe! Maria, the owner (far right) with Helen and Josephine, standing in front of artworks drawn by James, John and Rodney.

That's what the artists did with their artworks! Maria Moruzzi's parents opened Borough Café on Park Street in 1961. She began working there as a seven-year-old and eventually took over the running of the place, serving up hearty breakfasts to humble market porters and Hollywood film stars. The latest being Princes Charles and the Duchess of Cornwallwhen they popped into Maria's Cafe in Borough Market to sample the delights of her legendary Cafe last year. Fast forward a year later, and we proud to say that we have artworks by the artists hung at this very spot! So when you're in the area and want to rub shoulders with some great artworks, you know where to pop to. Maria's Cafe @ Borough Market for great value and tasty food, coffee and tea!

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall having a cup of tea at Maria's Cafe last year. If you've missed them, don't worry. Our artists' artwork are here to stay ...! (Photo copyright of Paul Edwards, Daily Mail)

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