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The faces behind the brush strokes

Celebrating at Oliver's Village Cafe (L-R: Tagzee, Zin, ROL, Caroline, James, Gearaldine, Paul, Mark and Emma).

What better way to say thank you to a Cafe for exhibiting the artworks than bringing the 'whole family' along. That's just what Cafe Art did. The 'family' of artists made their way up to north-west London to the plush, green surroundings of Belsize Village, NW3 where Oliver's Village Cafe is. The people behind this beautiful cafe has been supportive of Cafe Art ever since we started. Emma, one of the artists who has two of her beautiful paintings on display, presented Caroline, the owner, with a bouquet of flowers to express everyone's gratitude for sharing the wall space with the artists. It was also a chance for  Caroline and her staff to meet some of the the faces responsible for the artworks gracing their walls the past few months. Thank you Caroline, Oliver, Natalie, Sophie, Teresa, Jackie and all the staff at Oliver's. And thank you too to all the artists who made it today!  We hope to be back with more wonderful artworks soon ....

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