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To create a home, sometimes you have to leave a home ….

As poignantly pointed out by Sarah Kangarloo in her self-portrait painting which she submitted as part of our international annual art exchange 'This is Where I Live 2015'. Representing one of 12 artists from Launch Housing in Melbourne, her work was exhibited in The Refectory at Southwark Cathedral over the Christmas period.  The beautiful painting and words caught the eye of Richard (Gomersall) who bought it - thank you, Richard, and well done, Sarah! Sarah is a young woman who came to Australia four years ago as an asylum seeker from Iran. She is currently trying to find a new home in Melbourne.  The cities that took part in our 2015 exhibition included Berlin and New York too.

‘To create a home sometimes you have to leave a home’ 2015. Self portrait by Sarah KangarlooA

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