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What comes after a hat trick?

'Bird Queen' by Chris Wilson featured on the Summer 2016 issue of Feantsa. 'Bird Queen' by Chris Wilson featured on the front cover of the Summer 2016 issue of Feantsa.

Easy! It's the very talented Mr Chris Wilson. After many years of living in the streets and prisons of the USA, British-born Chris was extradited back to the UK in 1998. Since becoming drug and crime free in 2001, he gained a First with Distinction from the Chelsea College of Art and Design. His work has been shown in galleries in London and the South East of England, including pop-up exhibitions with Cafe Art. He has told his almost unbearable life story in his first book ‘Horse Latitudes’ which received many rave reviews, as well as at book reads. You can read more about this amazing artist on the links here and here. We are truly proud that Chris has joined Zin V, Chris Orlowski and Reza Azam to grace the front covers of Feantsa. You can read the Summer 2016 issue on this link here.

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