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What do you get up to on a Sunday morning?

Thank you to the students and their supervisors, Phoenix Blend and the artists & friends!

For many of us, it's a late lie-in, breakfast in bed (if one's lucky enough) or a very, very slow crawl out of bed to make oneself a cup of coffee (before sneaking back between the duvet again!). Well, not these  13 young adults, their supervisor and the artists! They came to one of our partner cafes - Phoenix Blend - at 11am on a Sunday  (7/9/14) to take part in the second half of their Challenge activity, in conjunction with Cafe Art. For the first part, 240 Project kindly hosted the young adults to give them an insight and a better understanding of what homelessness organisations do and the services they offer. The young adults also had a chance to speak to a group of artists and hear first hand from them about how important art is to their lives. What better way to turn this theory into practice. First, we got three artists (James, Mary and Tagzee) to bring their artworks to the cafe. Like 'The Young Apprentice', we then split the young adults into 2 groups, and armed each group with a local map of the area and a handful of flyers advertising that artwork is for sale at Phoenix Blend. It was up to each group to nominate a Project Leader to strategically plan and work as a Team. The group that brings in the most people and buy the artworks wins. Simple as that! To entice the public, Phoenix Blend kindly offered free pastry for each coffee bought. We must say the young adults did an amazing job. In just under 2 hours, they managed to persuade 21 groups (single or otherwise) to come to the Cafe to view the artworks. And this resulted in 4 pieces of art being sold. How great is that! We not only had local Londoners popping in, but also Germans, Italians as well as a group of big-hearted students from the East Coast of America who are heading to the University of Lancaster next week. Thank you to each and every one of them who came in to support the artists! Lastly, a very big thank you to Jane and Chris of Phoenix Blend. Why? Because the cafe does not open on Sundays. The two of them came just to open and man the Cafe for this event. Thank you so much! Once again, our heartfelt gratitude (& congratulations) to the 13 students and their supervisor; James, Mary, Tagzee and their friends John and Tom; as well as Jane and Chris. So what do you get up to on a Sunday morning?  

Mary with her friend, John, who was there to help. Thanks, John!

Joe (right) bought not one, but three mosaics, from James! Thank you, Joe!

Mary busy explaining her art to potential buyers.

Mary with two buyers of her art who are taking it all the way back to Germany!

Thank you to the young adults who brought the general public to view the beautiful works of art.

Mary with a group of students from the East Coast of America who came to support us.

Mary presenting a prize to the winning ‘Blue’ Team, but

….. no one loses out at Cafe Art, as the ‘Yellow’ team got a prize too!

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