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With a little help from her friends …

What would you do if you don't sing out of tune? For Éimear, she decided to do something different and amazing. She came across Cafe Art by googling words that were passionate to her - art, society, homelessness, London etc. She dropped us an email and we met up to tell her a bit more about what we do. We're pleased to say that she immediately connected with the vision and ethos behind Cafe Art. So much so that she came up with a brilliant idea! Her birthday was coming up, and rather than throwing a bog standard party, she got a local pub to host a fund-raising event. No birthday presents, but for her family and friends to bid for donated artworks to raise money for charity. And what a success that evening was, as it raised £245 for Cafe Art. How great is that! To ensure that Éimear's efforts and her friends' generosity are put into good use, we are using it to part pay for those artists who wish to progress their art techniques further. One very good example is Geraldine, whom we arranged for her to meet with Eimear over coffee, to share about the art course she has enrolled herself into at The Hampstead School of Art. So thank you very much, Éimear! And also to all your friends. It goes to prove what a positive, progressive and inspiring impact this can have on lives through the big-heartedness of one individual. Cafe Art can certainly get by with a little help from friends like, Éimear .....!

Making a direct and positive impact on each other: Eimear (left) and Geraldine (right)
Eimear donating the money raised from her birthday party!

Thank you once again to Eimear and all her big-hearted friends!

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