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Buy a painting from the artist - check out this fantastic exhibition

If you are in London check out an amazing exhibition in Old Diorama Arts Centre until 8 December!

Old Diorama have donated the space! We have waived the commission and the artists affected by homelessness get 100% of the profits on their art.

Here are some photos of the exhibition from Old Diorama's Instagram:

Here is the poster!

Called Collection 2019, the exhibition is by a group of artists who have experienced homelessness, is in the Old Diorama Arts Centre, London until 8 December (NOTE POSTER DATE WRONG AS IT"S BEEN EXTENDED).

The group are mentored by Geraldine Crimmins on how to survive and flourish in the competitive London art world, from what art courses to take, to how to sell their art and manage exhibitions.

The mentoring group programme developed by Crimmins provides access to art courses and art materials, trips to the Royal Academy to visit exhibitions and to participate in their art courses run by their art teachers. Crimmins provides ono on one support on the artists individual needs.

As a self-employed artist, Geraldine carries out consultancy work for Cafe Art and won us a grant funded by Verizon last year. She has managed to stretch this grant a long way and we hope that it will help her secure more funding in 2020.

Interviewed by the BBC, Geraldine said: "Someone once asked me what my dream would be and I said working with marginalised people and being an artist, [which has] ended up coming around. It's been amazing." 

The artists exhibiting are: John Sheehy, JP Desouza, Dee Allison, Tom Herald, Shelley, Mary Vallely Mateus, Saffron Saidi, Alissa Christie, Aaron Little, Mark Jennings, Michael Crosswaite, Floyd Pickett, Leo Rabelo, David Tovey and Geraldine Crimmins.

Paul Ryan from Cafe Art said: "We are really happy to see that Geraldine Crimmins' idea of developing a mentoring group has been such a success beyond our expectations. Cafe Art was set up to empower people affected by homelessness and we have seen huge changes in the artists involved in this programme. We can't wait to see the exhibition up and encourage everyone to visit it."

Open now until December 2019.

Old Diorama Arts Centre Gallery, 201 Drummond Street, London NW1 3FE

The Cafe Art Mentoring Programme was funded by a grant from Verizon Media.

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