Buying Art: The Cafe Art Way

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

James (Roberts|) and James (Gray) at Grub on the Green.

When James Roberts wanted to buy some artworks to liven up his flat, here's what he did. We found his story so inspiring that he has given us permission to share his experience with all you art lovers out there. We hope that his journey strikes a note in your heART too and makes you buy art the Cafe Art way!

Below is his story in his own words ...

"Let me paint you a picture.

After a protracted dispute with my previous estate agents on account of the rats that had decided to move into my former house between Christmas and the new year, I had finally managed to move into a new, much nicer and rodent-free apartment in a more central location. Without wanting to overstate things, there's something about escaping a glorified rat hovel and moving into nicer, newer housing that makes one feel more dignified, optimistic and ready to start a new chapter in your life.

I set myself two goals for the next few months, in order to live up to my fancy new digs. The first was to own a fruit bowl (always set attainable goals, I say). My logic: I've never met someone who owned a fruit bowl who didn't have their life together. However, I felt that I should perhaps put that ambition on hold, given that I didn't own a table to put said fruit bowl on (as you can see, I have my priorities in order).

So I turned to my second ambition: own artwork. In my previous room, the only items on the walls were relics of my universit