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Where were these photos taken?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

How well do you know London?

Question 1. Name the pub where this Banksy Mural is in.

Question 2. Abbey Road is famous for the album by the Beatles. What is the closest tube station to Abbey Road?

Question 3. Where is this branch of All saints?

Question 4. Can you identify this bridge?

Question 5. Can you name the bridge this photo was taken from?

Question 6. What is the name of the bridge directly above the photographer?

Question 7. Where was this photo taken?

Question 8. Where is this walkway?

Question 9. Where is this?

Question 10. Where is this fruit cart? Hint: It's on a street that is a station on the Victoria line.

Question 11. Where is this mural?

Question 12: What is the name of this iconic building?

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