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Farewell Mick Taylor (1945-2017)

Updated: May 14, 2018

The late Mick Taylor as photographed by Louise Danby in July. The photo won a place in the 2018 MyLondon calendar being launched in Spitalfields Market on Tuesday 10 October.
Mick Taylor. Photo: Louise Danby (2017 MyLondon Photography Exhibition, Spitalfields Market 9-15 October)

We were very sad to hear that Mick Taylor, one of the subjects in the upcoming 2018 MyLondon calendar, passed away on Friday 29 September. Louise Danby had taken a photos of Mick during the annual MyLondon Photography Project by Cafe Art in early July, with one of them getting into the top 20 exhibition photos. The photos will be exhibited next week in Spitalfields Arts Market, Brushfield Street. One photo of Mick was chosen for the 2018 MyLondon calendar which will be launched on World Homeless Day - 10 October 2017  - in Spitalfields Arts Market. Louise was a close friend of Mick and regularly visited him and took him for walks. Interviewed in August, Mick said: “She’s a great help. She comes around and takes me for walks.” Mick Taylor came with Louise Danby to the public vote for the MyLondon exhibition and calendar photos. Louise says Mick Taylor was known as ‘Teapot’, ‘Little Harvey’ and more nick names. Interviewed in August, before Mick passed away, Louise said: “Lots of people know him as he’s been round a bit. People had thought he was dead so I took a photo of him in front of this mural on Brick Lane!” Mick grew up in Clapton, Hackney but has lived near Spitalfields for years. Lou says he was one of the last proper Cockneys. His upbringing was hard and they were very poor, says Lou. “At the same time, he had a lot of fun and there was a lot of love.”  

Mick Taylor pictured at the vote for the MyLondon calendar photos. The photo of him by Louise Danby is January 2018 in the calendar.

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