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From Bethnal Green with Love

Erica Porter meeting ROL - the photographer behind the winning cover shot for the 2016 calendar.

Despite replacing the bar-tender with a barista, and a martini (shaken and not stirred, of course!) with a latte, Mr Bond can still catch the attention of the ladies. This time it's Erica Porter - the big-hearted lady who decided to purchase a framed photo of Mr Bond (cover of the MyLondon 2016 calendar) which has been on display at Second Shot Cafe in Bethnal Green. She decided to purchase it as a surprise gift for her boyfriend, Gerry, who regularly pops into the cafe for his caffeine fix. As with many of our sales, the human connection is what matters most. It gives a great sense of value and pride to be able to meet with the buyer (and vice versa), and to share each others stories. Hence, we were really pleased that both Erica and ROL managed to meet up over a hot drink, and both left feeling over the moon. Thank you, Erica and Gerry!

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