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Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!

He may not draw a gun as fast as the Lone Ranger, but John Sheehy can easily beat the Ranger hands down if it's with a paint brush.John is a much-loved artist from 240 Project whom we connected with in the early days of Cafe Art. We have managed to display his art in a number of cafes, including a one-man show exhibition, which have seen a few of his pieces being bought by caffeine-art lovers. This time, the owner of Maria's Cafe - who else, but Maria herself, can't help, but buy one. She fell in love with this particular painting for a long time, and we're pleased to say that it is now hanging proudly in her house, instead of her Cafe wall. As usual, we ensured that both John and Maria had a chance to meet over a cup of coffee and to enjoy a chat with each other. What better way to buy art! We have new art on display at Maria's Cafe, so please do go down to view them and support the Cafe. Many thanks again to Maria and her Team, and most of all, John ......!

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