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Inspiring cards with an even more inspiring meaning

We first met up with Amaryllis Mogaji when Cafe Art connected with The Recovery Cafe in Camden. She was introduced to us by Tom Powers, one of the Managers there.  A quiet, unassuming and polite girl, but with a big smile. Our jaws dropped when after much persuasion from Tom, she reluctantly showed us her art. Amaryllis (aka Ammo) is an abstract artist who started creating as a coping strategy for agoraphobia and depression. Art has become a great passion to her and we hope we can help nurture it further as she has produced a range of high quality greetings cards showcasing her vibrant and complex style. Each original piece is drawn by hand, overlapping hundreds of circles and ovals, creating distinctive patterns which are then inked using pens. These unique designs can take anywhere from two days,to three months, to complete. You can find more of this artist’s work at We're pleased to say that through our connection with Friend's House on Euston Road, Lily, the big-hearted Manager, has kindly agreed to stock them. Please do head down to check out Ammo's cards in person - you'll be in for a surprise at their intricacies. Well done again, Ammo!

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