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Joining the dots …

Dotdot (with Saffron) helping to join the dots with happy calendar buyers at our Spitalfields stall this week.

That's what we try to do here at Cafe Art. Connecting the positivity of homelessness with the wider community through their art. Through their talent. And through their own narratives.

One person that has definitely helped us join the dots has been Dotdot herself. Seen across social media around the world, Dotdot is the proud companion of Saffron Saidi (from Cooltan Arts). Saffron's winning shot of her beautiful Dalmatian got her into the front cover of our MyLondon 2017 calendar, and was voted the People's Top Choice, as well as the Judges' Second Choice. How amazing is that!

Saffron and Dotdot were with us at our Arts Market at Spitalfields this week connecting the dots with the many calendar buyers and art lovers. Thank you so much to all of you for coming to celebrate their talent, chatting with all the artists & photographers and buying the calendars.

If you missed us, you can still buy the calendar online here, or at Spitalfields Market E1 (either in front of Leon and Canteen) at our dedicated Cafe Art MyLondon calendar stall every Thurs - Sun from next week onwards until Xmas.

Last, but not least, a  very BIG thank you to Ray Dervin and the Spitalfields Estate Management Team for their continued support of the Cafe Art Arts Market. We really couldn't have given the participants a chance to connect, gain work experience and confidence in such a unique environment without their believe and support .....

Saffron & Dotdot with another calendar buyer. Thank you to everyone who came to the stall to support the photographers!

David Tovey kindly donated a hand-drawn London landscape for our Arts Market again this year.

Young kids joining in the art frenzy at the ONE Festival canvas.

Thank you to everyone (both young & old) who stopped by to share their talent on our 'ONE' Festival canvas.

A gift of thanks to Ray and the Spitalfields Estate Management Team for the amazing week we had at the Arts Market, on behalf of Cafe Art and all the artists/photographers, from Saffron Saadi.

Ray Dervin (Manager, Traders & Arts Market) with Saffron Saadi and her winning cover shot of the MyLondon 2017 calendar.

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