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Just what the doctor ordered – A healthy heART!

You've been to the Conference. You saw the artworks. You met up the artists. Now own a piece of the wonderful artworks ... That's just what David Allen, David Williams and The Faculty of Public Health did when they were at the Brighton Conference. They loved what they saw as well as the meaning behind each piece, and the artists responsible for them. Their believe and big-heartedness in the simple ethos behind what Cafe Art stood for led them to invite ROL and Tendekai back to their offices at St Andrews Place W1. They even put together a surprise 'breakfast spread' for everyone too - thank you! Both David's are now the proud owners of Mr Bond (canvas and photograph versions), and we can't wait to collaborate further with The FPH as there are so many shared values between us. Here's to a healthy stART .....!

David Allen (CEO of The Faculty of Public Health) with ROL, the photographer responsible for the winning cover shot (Mr Bond) of the MyLondon 2016 calendar.

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