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Meet James Gray, Artist In Residence

James Gray at work in the Dirorama Arts Centre studio.

We are really happy to announce that one of our artists - James Gray - has been chosen by Diorama Arts Centre to fill their Artist In Residence spot after the first artist David Tovey completed his term.

James is a full-time artist and has come a long way since he was sleeping rough in London in 2010. He discovered painting in an art therapy class in The Passage day centre in 2009. One of the first artists to connect with Cafe Art in 2012, when he had been rehoused in Wytham Hall, supported accommodation in Maida Vale, James is now working as an artist and managing his own flat near Russell Square in London.

"I was homeless over a three year period, mostly sleeping rough around Victoria." A number of personal events happened which led him to become homeless.

Most of James's art is acrylic - a mixture of colour and texture with other prints done on paper. Several focus on London - with skylines and the London Eye in several of them.

Once very shy and lacking confidence, James is now regaining his self esteem. In fact today James is meeting up with Maria Mikulina, a student who is working on a proposal to produce a magazine about homelessness.

Diorama not only hosted the This Is Where I Live exhibition, but last year they hosted the inaugural ONE homeless arts festival for its founder David Tovey.

If you would like to see (and buy) more photos of James's art please contact us at

Jacob Stevens, Diorama general manger and James Gray in James's studio. To buy James's art please contact us at

Acrylic City by James Gray. This painting is currently being exhibited in the This Is Where I Live exhibition in New York hosted by fresh art.

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