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MyLondon in Spitalfields from Monday 31 July

See more than 400 photos from the 2017 contest. Vote for the top 20 to help us choose the 2018 MyLondon calendar!

More than 450 images of London as taken by people affected by homelessness feature in the largest MyLondon exhibition yet - 25% more photos than last year - in Spitalfields Arts Market from Monday 31 July to Sunday 6 August.

There will be a small opening ceremony with some of the photographers at 1pm on Monday - please join us!

A Glimpse of London posted about us last year. Why not come down and see this year's exhibition?

The contest photographs were taken with one-time-use Fujifilm disposable cameras over five days in early July.

The results are incredible - from haunting scenes by participants who live in the shadows of the Grenfell Tower in Ladbroke Grove, to creative observations by participants on a London we all love.

This is their love letter to London and and we encourage you to come and see it.

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