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MYLONDON Open Day next week

Event: MYLONDON Open Day evening event

Date: 29 June 2023, 5:30pm to 9pm

If you are in London on Thursday 29 June we would love you to our MYLONDON open day evening event. We will tell you about our new MYWORLD charity and sell MYLONDON greetings cards to help Pehchan, one of our international homeless arts group partners, to do MYMUMBAI in September. MYWORLD has been given 100 Fujifilm QuickSnap cameras from Fujifilm to help Pehchan run MYMUMBAI.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: You will also be able to see, and vote on, the top 25 MYLONDON calendar photos.

Thank you to the Corner Hotel who are not charging for the private room in the restaurant. Since 2014 the hotel (formerly the Qbic Hotel) have given Cafe Art free storage for our art and photographs.

If you have not visited the Corner Hotel, why not come to this event? As well as the 2023 Top 25, you will be able to see our photographs exhibited on our the staircase of the hotel - it goes up 5 floors from the ground floor up.

The Corner has photos from our project participants in almost every hotel room as well as in 2017 they commissioned us to take photos of east London.

The MYMUMBAI cameras will be distributed with help from students and other volunteers from Xaviers College who will also host the exhibition later in the year. A local member from the Royal Photographic Society (living in Mumbai) will help, as well as a few more local professional photographers.

Last week we emailed our supporters to sell tickets to this event for £20. However it is now free. With the UK's economy having the worst inflation rates in the G7 and G20 (currently 8.7% per annum), food inflation close to 20% and average rents in London having gone up by a similar percentage in the past few years we know people are hurting.

At this Open Day we will raise money the way Cafe Art always has: by selling our merchandise as well as giving profits to the participants in London. Since 2012 the photographers have earned more than £200,000 from this project.

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