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Our plan to survive Covid-19

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

We hope you are OK? Covid-19 is an international emergency and we are doing our bit by staying at home, but we want to survive 2020 to continue to help people affected by homelessness. We would love you to help us by giving your opinions in our survey. We have only asked six questions and it's timed as only taking three minutes, so please help us by doing the survey!

Because of the Covid-19 crisis we can't hold the MyLondon project this year, or any of our regular exhibitions. Our art group (run by Geraldine Crimmins) and photography mentoring group (run by Julian Rouse from the RPS) are connecting online and on the phone with participants, but we want to look forward to later this year.

Options include printing a 2021 MyLondon "best of" calendar (chosen from the 78 photos taken from 2013-2018 - see Gallery here) and another one, called MyWorld (note: the photo above is by Diogo Virolli and was in the 2016 MinhaSao Paulo calendar. It's a mock-up so may or may not get into the calendar), with the best photos from not only London, but all the cities who have replicated our project.

Also in the survey, we'd love your opinion on a few new products, including greeting cards (the photo on the right is of the cards produced by MyToronto last year, including fantastic photos of the actual photographers and their stories on the back of the cards).

Another idea we would like to run past you is a calendar that doesn't have an expiry date! It's a monthly planner calendar. You can vote for this too on the survey.

Because of social distancing this year, most will be sold online, initially with a Kickstarter, so that we can only produce what people want.

Money earned from this fundraiser will go to homeless charities dealing with the crisis, and also help the participating photographers directly, either in London or to other cities if those calendars and cards are sold.

Kind regards,

Michael, Paul and the Cafe Art team

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