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The meeting of heARTS @ Ezo Bistro

Philip, Farah, James and Ina (L-R) with James's wonderful painting (Three Trees) in the middle.

Painted by one heart, bought by another ..... When Farrah popped into her local cafe at Barking station - Ezo Bistro - she can't help but fell in love with one of the paintings on display. After coming back to view it a few more times while enjoying her cup of latte, she decided to take the plunge and emailed us. The painting in question was by James Gray - a very popular & talented artist loved by many of Cafe Art supporters.

As many of you are aware, we are passionate for both artist and buyer to meet up when a sale occurs. This not only makes the transaction more meaningful, but it enables a share of stories and a human connection between two strangers whose life paths would never have met, if not for the share of one common theme - the love of art and of the human spirit. We're pleased to say that Farrah was one up on us as she already wanted to meet the artist before we even suggested this option to her.

Hence, we arranged for James to meet up with Farrah and her husband, Phil, as well as Ina, the owner of Ezo Bistro over a cup of coffee with snacks/lunch thrown in by all of them. Many thanks for that!

The meeting of heARTS, mind and soul at Ezo Bistro. Thank you, Farah and Phil for your big-heartedness ...

Here's what Farrah had to say about her experience of meeting James, and we hope many other art lovers follow her example. Thank you, Farrah and Phil (and Ina, of course) !!!

"Friday the 28th October is the day I got to meet James - the wonderful artist behind 'Three Trees' the painting. I have been coming to Ezo Bistro for a number of years now where James's painting hung. I have also admired the painting and enjoyed looking at it every time I sat with my coffee. I also knew I wanted to purchase it - so when the opportunity arose and I emailed the Cafe Art team I was thrilled to learn I could meet the artist too. It was a huge privilege to meet with James (and Cafe Art). The meeting felt more than just  a purchase. To meet with James and discuss his art, inspiration and life made the whole experience even more special. I thank all at Cafe Art for this wonderful  opportunity and I will enjoy my painting for many years to come. Farrah"

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