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This is Where I Live

International Art Exchange - Auckland

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Auckland joined the This Is Where I Live partnership thanks to Clare Caldwell who runs the art classes at Auckland City Mission. She is pictured here with Paul Ryan from Café Art and the artists in the group.


The City Mission activities programme offers a range of art, drama, clay-work and carving classes that run weekly at the City Mission. It goal is to provide a sense of community and purpose to people who are often left isolated on the margins of society. 

The Mission activities have grown in recent years to include photography, gardening, choir, fishing and much more. These activities help provide a sense of community for the participants while making a difference to their sense of self-worth and identity.

Having exhibitions in public art galleries is a great way to provide new experiences for the Auckland City Mission artists, providing a sense of achievement, often for the first time. It can bring income through sales of work and promote emerging talent onto more of a career path. It also offers an opportunity for the visiting public to engage with the participants in a less stereotypical way, viewing them through their work for the cultural contribution they are bringing to society.

See the 2018 poster for the London exhibition which features a painting by Tiare Turitahi here


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