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2015: Bring it on ……!

We are off to a positive start with the artists, and it's only the first few weeks of the year! Firstly, we had a surprise email from a potential buyer who was interested in a piece of art that he saw on our website. Not only has this piece not been displayed in a Cafe for a while, but it has also been returned back to Anthony, the artist. Can you imagine the smile on Anthony's face when he got a call out of the blue from us to tell him that? Armed with his huge canvas, we all met up at King's Cross station on a cold winter's day (13/1/15) with Adam, the buyer. His interest in Anthony's painting sure warmed all of us up immediately. As you know, Cafe Art is passionate about connecting the buyer with the people behind the brush strokes - hence we are delighted that Adam had no hesitation on wanting to meet with Anthony. Apparently, it's the first piece of art that Adam has ever bought, and it's going to be hung proudly in his living room. Thank you, Adam, and well done, Anthony! Just as we were settling down to our usual routine, we had another email. This time from another big-hearted buyer, Zay, who went into one of our partner cafes, Brew Box, and loved not only one, but two pieces of artworks by the artist, Tuesday. And Zay did what we would love all of you to do, if you can. She bought them as a birthday present for her friend, Maria. What a great and meaningful gift .... Thank you, Zay and Maria, and well done, Tuesday! News have also been coming in that we sold some of the artworks in the New York and Melbourne exhibitions, as well at The Hampstead School of Art. We are totally proud and inspired by the work created by the artists and photographers. And thank you to all of you out there for buying the art and supporting them in the process. It means A LOT. We have a few more special surprises in store for you for the year. So for 2015 - bring it on ......!

Anthony (the artist) proudly presenting his artwork to the big-hearted buyer, Adam (left), at Kings Cross.

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