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A King’s Ransom…

Not if you're buying beautiful art from one of Cafe Art's artists. Not only do you get an original, hand-painted drawing, plus the opportunity to meet with the artist, but you also get to own it at a reasonable price! This was what happened to Esther Phillips who decided to purchase one of James Gray's painting at our exhibition currently on show at The Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College, London.  We arranged for her to meet up with James this afternoon, and she is now the proud owner of 'The London Eye'.  Thanks for the believe and support, Esther! Definitely no King's ransom here James joined Cafe Art through the Passage Day Centre art therapy group when he was still sleeping rough. ‘I started off when I was homeless. James, who came to London in the late 1980s from East Kilbride in Scotland, says that The Passage referred him to Wytham Hall, where he lived in Maida Vale for several years and he has now got his own flat in Bloomsbury. He first exhibited with Café Art's Without Walls exhibition in August 2012 and usually has painting hanging in several cafes - until they are sold of course!

Esther is now the proud owner of James's iconic 'London Eye' painting

At the same time as James met Esther, we welcome Marius Jacynas, a new artist who connected with Cafe Art just a few weeks ago. He is a service user of St Mungo's at their Endell Street hostel. All we can say is that Marius is a soft-spoken gentleman with great artistic talent!  Just check out the piece by him that we have exhibited at King's. We're sure you'll get to see even more wonderful works of art by Marius in the coming months ahead.

Marius standing proudly in front of his painting, with Monica Wilson (support worker) and Kieran (KCL).

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