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Being mindful at King’s Cross

Salina Faro, one of the St Mungo's Broadway organisers, adding her bit to our painting.

Mental Health Awareness Week aims to change our understanding of mental health problems, promote mental health and encourage recovery. For this year, the St. Mungo’s Broadway Camden Mental Health Serviceorganised an outdoor event to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week 2015 (themed 'Mindfulness') where service providers, clients, the local community and everyone involved in supporting their clients can come together. The venue was the Camley Street Nature Reserve which is a two acre haven right in the middle of one of the most densely populated parts of London - King's Cross. Situated on the banks of Regent’s Canal, the park which was created from an old Coal Yard in 1984, is a place for both people and wildlife seeking respite from the buzz of the city around them. And what a celebration it was! From live music, comedy, service provider stalls, mindful tasters to delicious finger-licking BBQs. And of course, Cafe Art was there to showcase some awesome art drawn by residents from Argyle Street. Thank you to both Salina and Matthew (from the St Mungo's Broadway Camden Mental Health Services) for putting on such a great event, and to everyone who stopped by at our pop-up stand to chat to our artists, and to get their hands dirty in our on-the-spot painting .....

You can't get more 'pop-up' than this than in a nature reserve!

Thank you to the big-hearted Kevin Ireland who loved the tee-shirt hand drawn (and worn) by ROL, the artist, so much that he bought it off him on the spot!

If you're artistic like all those who popped to the Cafe Art stand, you should be able to spot a squirrel and part of the London underground network in this painting ...!

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