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Brightening the Hospital Discharge Network

Rachel (left) and Ann (right) standing in front of paintings by Reza and Lamma.

Councils across the capital have been working with St Mungo's Broadway and Homeless Healthcare CIC since 2013 to create the first London-wide Homeless Hospital Discharge Network to help London's homeless people who need nursing help after leaving hospital. A team of nurses will work alongside health and housing support staff and peer support workers to best help the person move on as their treatment comes to a close. Rachel Channa, a nurse working out of Endsleigh Gardens, heard about the wonderful art done by the artists. Faced with empty walls in their Hospital Discharge office, she contacted Cafe Art to see if the artists can help brighten up the place so that when clients come in, they are greeted with warm, colourful and beautiful drawings painted from the heart. Would we say no to that? A big thank you to Rachel and Natalie (Manager) for the opportunity ....!

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