Cafe Art in the Citi

Cafe Art at Citi bank. We are showing our art and photos in their restaurant until mid-July. From left to right: David Tovey, artist and photographer, Louise Spence, Art Curator, Citi EMEA, Paul Ryan, Cafe Art.

Cafe Art connected with one of the largest employers in London, Citi, with an exhibition in their Canary Wharf head office restaurant this month. Not only did we have a table to greet Citi employees on Monday but yesterday David Tovey spoke to the Citi Photography Club. David explained his story, which went from successful businessman and chef to unexpectedly losing everything after having a stroke and becoming homeless. He showed a small selection of photographs that he had taken during that time, including explaining how the focus of one image was of the dirt on the window from the upstairs of a London bus - a place where many homeless people go to during the winter to keep warm. He also explained the value of Cafe Art's activities to him. By helping him get out of his despair and focus on photography he was able to find himself again.