Cafe Art photo contest next month!

The Cafe Art Photography Contest is next month so we thought we should whet everyone's appetite by showing another 44 of last year's photos that appeared on the Photo Wall at Spitalfields Arts Market! (see the top 20 here) On 3 July, with the support of The Royal Photographic Society, 100 single-use cameras will be handed out again from the Crypt of St Paul's Cathedral, and the participants will have 5 days to take photos with the theme 'My London'.

Bike man by Urial Lopez. 'This guy is Richard. He has a shop on Brick Lane and he sells and fixes bicycles. Three or four generations in the same family.’

Brown Door by Wayne Goodman. ‘This one of a dustbin door reminds me of an old mate of mine. He used to specialise in sleeping in these areas. He used to refer to it as a cubby hole [laughs]. So that’s what caught my eye about that one, including the shadows.’


City view by Christopher Orlowsky. Chris had many paintings exhibited in cafes with Cafe Art.

Clapham pond by Ejiro Ewierhoma. This is the pond in Clapham.’

Coffee break by Kathy Cameron. ‘This is a couple I just caught talking on the steps wiling away the day.’

Drain by Andre Rosant. ‘So much of what happens in London just goes down the drain. So many people’s dreams, so many hopes, so many aspirations, and so much physical rubbish just goes down the drain in London.’ Andre sells the Big Issue in Poland Street, Soho.

Frozen Dreams by Shakeela Ramchaitar. Frozen dreams for frozen minds, lamppost and CCTV in operation sign and I thought it was quite cool.’

Goat statue by David Stark. ‘That’s the statue of the goat in Bishopgate Square. It always catches my eye when I’m down that way. It’s a great sculpture I think.’ David goes to Crisis.

Golden Lane Estate by Beatrice‘That the Golden Lane estate. A mas- sive tower block and I just love the yellow against the blue of the sky.’ Beatrice does art with SHP.

Happy by Sana M. Amos. ‘The Happy one is on nearby shops. Someone painted over the Y. It’s some sort of typo that is known. The artist does this sort of style. And these are shops that are closed on the main road near Commercial Street. The shops are closed.’ Sana goes to Providence Row.

Homes not Jails by Giulia Gorlier. 'This house was a squat protesting the lack of housing in London. We knocked on the door but no one was home. The house had signs to the side saying happiness, security and peace.’

Hungerford Bridge by Jo. 'This is Hungerford Bridge going from Royal Festival Hall towards Embankment. It was in the evening when the sun was setting.’ Jo had a similar photo to this one voted for by the public to go into the 2015 My London calendar (November).

James by ROL. ‘The guy is not smoking because he’s indoors. His name is James. He’s an artist as well.’ ROL does art with Art Fitzrovia.

Justin and Beefer by Lou Danby. ‘This is Justin with his dog Beefer in front of McDonald’s.’ Lou does art at Crisis. She had two photos in the 2015 My London calendar.

Life-ring, St Paul’s by Christopher Orlowsky.

Lion fountain by Aaron Little. 'This one is one of my favourites because I quite like the fact that we have St Paul’s but I haven’t focused on there. There’s a nice big tree in front so it kind of obscures it however you can see there’s a fountain in the... you can see the Iconic image of a lion having the water spurt out of it’s mouth. I thought it was a bit obscure even though I blended them to show it is London I still wanted to look at the bit of waterfall.' Aaron does art with Crisis. His photograph of Blackfriars Bridge i