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Cafe Art welcomes 42beans …..!

Dave (Head Barista) in front of some of the art drawn by artists from Arlington One Housing.

There's a great crowd of tourists and they're coming down the street Pleased as punch with brand new Doctor Martens on their feet Past stalls with leather jackets, old bric-a-brac Indian sunglasses or a Chinese bobble hat In Camden Town I'll meet you by the underground In Camden Town we'll walk there as the sun goes down In Camden Town In Camden Town you can do anything you want to .... and so that's how it goes with the 1995 hit song 'Camden Town' by Suggs/Madness. If there's one line we like to change, it would be the chorus "In Camden Town I'll meet you at 42beans" - we know, it doesn't quite rhyme, but we love it! 42beans is a brand new cafe located at 69 Camden High St, London NW1 7JL. With One Housing Arlington just less than 2 blocks away, what better way to exhibit artworks created by the talented group of artists there, with the help of their fantastic Federico Gallo, the Arts Facilitator. Many thanks to Mr Leiduck, Morgane Herbin and Dave Croyd (Head Barista) for the believe and support!, as well as David (Tovey) who spotted the opportunity!

More beautiful art in the serene surroundings of 42beans.

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