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Giving Day @ Mindshare

Cafe Art was thrilled to be invited to participate in Mindshare's first 'Giving Day' event for their in-house employees located at their London offices at St Giles. Not only that, we were joined by the wonderful team from The Connection at St Martin's. So what better way to fill a stocking filler than with our MyLondon 2016 calendar. Despite a broken arm, Francis, our volunteer, was there to man the stand with us. We met and chatted with so many big-hearted employees and sold many calendars at the same time. Big hugs to Daniel Sichel who organised the day, and invited us in. Thank you, Daniel, and to everyone at Mindshare for this opportunity. It was truly a day for giving .....!

Daniel Sichel (Head of Affiliate Marketing, Mindshare) with our volunteer, Francis Whitehouse, at our calendar stand.

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