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Lot 88: Volunteering …. going to the highest bidder!

Geraldine, Toby and David surrounded by beautiful works of art at the Cafe Art stand.

And we sure had a lot of bidders for this lot.

All thanks to Christie's for inviting Cafe Art to their third annual Arts Assembly held at their St James's auction house on King Street in London SW1 this morning. The Assembly is a collaborative forum at which arts-focused nonprofits can introduce their organisations to Christie’s employees in order to promote volunteer opportunities and other ways to engage with their work. Similar events are taking place at Christie’s locations worldwide. It is not just about signing up volunteers to complete a task you need done – it’s about making connections and/building relationships/ with arts-loving people who are looking for ways to get involved with and support local arts organisations.

And the word 'connections' is right up our street!  Two of the artists, Geraldine and David, represented, and manned, the Cafe Art stand. Surrounded by beautiful artworks and our calendars, the both of them spoke from their hearts to explain to the many employees what Cafe Art is all about. Connecting them to us, and us to them, and to our unique way of celebrating homeless artworks in a positive and inspiring way with the general public.

To get everybody's creative juices flowing, we had a skyline of London, hand-drawn by David, on canvas, which was completed throughout the morning by the many visitors who came to the stand. This was then gifted to Toby Usnik (Head of Corporate Communications and Chief Sustainability Officer at Christie’s in New York) as a small token of thanks from Cafe Art.  A lucky Christie's employee also won an exclusive hand-painted saucer/coffee cup set (painted by David) in our raffle, which was picked by Toby himself.

We were humbled to share this special event with many other great and amazing arts organisations including, Action for Children, Campaign for Drawing, Young Art UK and others. Thank you again to Toby, Karen, Mary Anne and all the wonderful people at Christie's for this opportunity to connect .....

Geraldine and David in action - connecting with Christie's employees.

The Cafe Art Raffle Prize - a one-off limited edition cup and saucer hand-painted by David.

Adding a touch of colour to the canvas at the Cafe Art table

Toby picking the winning raffle ticket, with a little help from Geraldine. (No peeping, David!)

David presenting Toby with the London skyline canvas completed by Christie's employees.

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