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MyWorld charity is coming

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

We are a step closer to achieving a goal to support the "My" photography projects, with the new MyWorld website now live. We are in the process of registering MyWorld Photo Projects as a charity.

Café Art has come a long way - from hanging art in London cafés, to helping many cities set up projects based on MyLondon.

Our international homeless art network began in 2013 when we started the This Is Where I Live art exchange network with freshart in New York. We soon added homeless art groups from Berlin, Mumbai, Melbourne, Dar Es Salaam and Auckland to our network.

We're proud to regularly provide magazine cover artwork for the European homelessness organisation FEANTSA. In 2018 Café Art artist and photographer Geraldine Crimmins spoke about the power of art to transform lives of people affected by homelessness at the opening of the Women Without Walls exhibition at the United Nations. It featured of photographs from MyLondon, MyBudapest, MyToronto, MyNew Orleans and MySydney as part of World Habitat Day at the United Nations in Geneva.

Café Art's goal is to help people learn entrepreneurial skills and earn money from their efforts, as well as learning new creative skills. Our publications and exhibitions are a dialogue platform to tell their stories and to express themselves creatively. They are also a platform for self-realisation, boosting confidence and self esteem.

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