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Pop-Up Cafe @ Christie’s!

If we were asked what's in our bucket list, it would include the following: i. a Pop-Up Cafe right in the heart of St James's ii. in a building where some of the world's most celebrated artists (past & present) have had their art hung iii. to have customers who are passionate in art and empathises with the cause of homelessness iv. surrounded by beautiful artworks drawn by emerging artists v. manned by our very own Cafe Art artists Well, our wish came true due to the big heartedness of Christie's at King's Street in St James's, in particular Ms Lynda McLeod. We were kindly invited by her to open and man a pop-up Cafe for two days at their Staff Summer Exhibition. It was a no-brainer as Cafe Art won't miss an opportunity like this for the world!  Having agreed, we realised that we could have dug ourselves a hole as not only do we not have the expertise, but also the espresso machine, coffee pods etc. Fear not, as our supporter, Orzo Coffee, stepped in (with no questions asked) to supply us with the necessary equipment, ingredients as well as a quick course in turning our two artists, Ray and Tom, into overnight barristas!  They also kindly donated an Orzo goody-bag for our raffles draw. Thank you, Roberta (Founder of Orzo Coffee)! So over the course of two days, we met and made friends with many wonderful Christie's employees and visitors who made their way to the exhibition and to our Cafe for a cup of Orzo coffee. 100% of all the takings went to both the artists. Thank you once again Lynda for this unique opportunity and to Roberta for the back-up. We couldn't have done it without the both of you. And thanks to both Ray and Tom for being part of this experience .....

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