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Sarah Beeny – eat your heART out!

When the Manager of a St Mungo's Broadway hostel at London SE1 was confronted with a big foyer/reception area, he knew something was missing to make the entrance a lot more inviting and welcoming to residents and visitors alike. Who is he going to call? The 'Art-busters', of course, aka Cafe Art artists. In just less than 10 minutes, the white-washed, lifeless walls were transformed into a landscape of vibrant, colourful and beautiful works drawn by the artists from Argyle Street, namely, Ian, Joe and Reza, plus Adrian. Many thanks to Nick, Esther and Paul for their support and believe ..... and of course, the artists themselves. Sorry, Ms Beeny - perhaps next time?

From empty, lifeless walls .........

... to lively, vibrant and beautiful surroundings in under 10 minutes!

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