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Thank you Jama! Calendar model help us sell with homeless vendors

Jama Elmi, the person photographed by Zakia Chowdhury in the MYLONDON contest, has been volunteering his time to help the vendors sell the calendar.

Last week he turned up at Ealing Broadway Station, followed by an appearance at Spitalfields Market on Friday. We are currently planning a table to sell with two more vendors affected by homelessness in Jama's home turf - Portobello Road, where the cover photo was taken, and the photo on the right.

Zakia took this shot of Jama Elmi outside a cafe on Portobello Road, west London. “He goes around in this neighbourhood and he talks to everyone. You often see him down here,” said Zakia.

Jama is a support worker for Penrose, looking after people with mental health issues. He arrived in London from Somalia with his family when he was eight years old 40 years ago. He said he only started wearing colour five years ago, describing the clothes he used to wear as “doom and gloom”. “I’ve done this to put a smile on people’s faces, I haven’t done it for fame and recognition,” he said, adding that he has more than 100 suits. He says now his clients request the colour he wears every day. First place (Judges’ Choice), Second Place (People’s Choice), Alex Davies Award for Best Portrait

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