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Thank you, Spitalfields!

Some of the pod artists joining in to thank Ray and the Spitalfields Estate Management Team for this amazing week!

How does one end a fantastic week at Spitalfields Arts Market? Simple! You thank the very people who gave you the opportunity for creating this amazing 'selling' environment. For some of the pod artists, it was their very first time running their own market stall, interacting with customers and the general public, learning how to set up, display and price their art competitively etc. No text book can be as valuable as rolling up one's sleeves and getting into the swing of things. The experience was priceless! Hence on Sunday, all of us gathered round to present Ray, Manager of Spitalfields Market, with an original piece of artwork by one of the artists (Mary), plus a 2015 My London calendar to show our sincere gratitude. We couldn't have done this without the support and believe of the Spitalfields Estate Management Team. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ..... Thank you too to Bradley and Ruth Rood for being our 'mystery' Pod Judges this year!

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