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The Prophet Experience – thanks guys!

Cafe Art was really honoured and privileged to be invited to be part of an all day Prophet for Non Profit Workshop with four other organisations a few weeks ago. Prophet is an international consulting firm and agency that works with clients to drive growth through use of branding, marketing, design, analytics and innovation. We have not managed to report it earlier as we are still gobsmacked and 'in a daze' by the amazing ideation and concepting that arose after just one day with them! We were allocated to a dedicated team of eight Propheteers, with a range of functional capabilities and specialties that matched our exact needs and requirement. And what a professional team they were who treated us like million-pound fee-paying clients! Starting at 9am sharp and finishing at 6:30pm with drinks & pizza, the long day was well worth every second as each group came up with marketing plans, roadmaps, positioning frameworks, campaign concepts and design assets to take away. Telling you our 'special' campaign that Prophet devised for us would be a give-away. So you'll have to wait just a short while longer as all will be revealed soon ... In the meantime, check out Prophet's report here. A very big thank you to everyone at Prophet, especially to Felicia, Amy, Ronan, Elizabeth, Matt, Rishi and John. You really made our day!

Prophet for Non Profit Day (6/11/14). Photo courtesy of Prophet.

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