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The Return of the Buyer

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Joe meeting up with James, the artist, over a cup of coffee to view his artworks.

No, it's not a remake of a classic horror flick or even a bad Hollywood B-movie! It's the return of our big hearted buyer, Joe. If you remembered, Joe first connected with Cafe Art through an event that we ran at one of our partner cafes, Phoenix Blend E1, in conjunction with The Challenge. A group of brilliant and super energetic young adults woke up early one Sunday morning and went round the local area persuading the general public to view some beautiful artworks. One of them was Joe who kindly popped into the cafe and fell in love immediately with James's art. He bought not one, but three, that day. So you must have guessed how surprised we were to get an email from Joe 4 months later. He wanted to buy more of James's art. This time they are Christmas gifts for his Dad and sister. What a great way to use one's hard earned cash. So we immediately set up a meeting between James, the artist, and Joe over a cup of coffee. Armed with his famous and iconic mosaics, Joe had a difficult time choosing. But he eventually did. Joe's dad and sister are now proud owners of two of James's mosaic. Happy Birthday to the both of them from Cafe Art, and thank you again, Joe, for making James's day today .....! PS. He even bought one of our Cafe Art MYLONDON 2015 calendar too

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