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This is London, where we live!

Not an 'opening' as such, as the exhibition opened last month, but we finally got all our artists and photographers and supporters in the one venue at the This is Where I Live 2017 exhibition at Diorama Arts Centre last week.

This Is Where I Live is now in it's fourth year, and celebrates the wonderful talent of people affected by homelessness in Berlin, Mumbai, New York and right here in London!

Before the public arrived, Brian McClure (Artist-in-Residence from Omnibus) gave some very useful advice on how best to prepare art for selling/exhibiting, and Neil Cordell  (from The RPS) gave a preview about the forthcoming MyLondon 2017 photo contest.

Two of the artists, Geraldine and ROL, announced a new Cafe Art art contest with cash prizes totalling over £1,400 to be launched this summer.

After the workshop some artists stayed on to meet Cafe Art supporters.

To top it off, two of the pieces were sold that day too. Many congratulations to the two artists - Thomas Rudolph Decker and Stuart Bleasdale.

The good news doesn't end there as Diorama Arts Centre has kindly agreed to extend the exhibition by a few more weeks. So if you haven't seen it yet, you still have time to do so!

More details about This is Where I Live here

Jacob Stevens (left, General Manager) purchased Stuart Bleasdale's painting on behalf of The Diorama Arts Centre. Anita Lord (from the charity, Two Saints in Bournemouth) accompanied Stuart. Thank you Anita and Jacob!

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