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What makes a good day even better?

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Lou with Nicky (sales attendant) and one of her winning shots of Scooter!

Given the 3 options below, which one would you choose?

A. Reaping the rewards of your own hard work

B. Making a positive impact on someone you don't know

C. Go out shopping using other people's money For Cafe Art, it's all of the above, because that's what we did today 📷 We took Lou Danby (who has behind the winning Oct and Dec shots in our 2015 calendar) to a second-hand camera shop in the West End. She took part in our simple 'calendar for credit' scheme whereby instead of taking cash for any of the calendars sold at our Spitalfields stand over Xmas, it will help pay towards either for an art course or a progressive personal project.

For Lou, it was the shutter bug. She always had an interest in the visual arts, especially video work. So this was a natural progression for her to go into digital photography, especially having two winning photos, when she signed up to the scheme. The scheme allowed her to have ownership & responsibility of the process, from raising some of the funds herself to choosing the camera.

So as in our last blog story, Lou (and Cafe Art) had a little help again from our friends. Firstly, the generous public who bought the calendars from Lou (ie reaping the rewards of your own hard work), and Eimear who paid the balance out of her fund-raising birthday party event (i.e. making a positive impact on someone you don't know!). The London Region of The RPS stepped in to give her a year's free membership - how great is that!

So thank you to everyone who bought the MYLONDON 2015 calendar from Lou to make this progressive process come true. That's why we love going shopping using money raised from a product that people have bought and believe in!

PS. For all you dog lovers out there, we have not forgotten about Scooter (who was featured in the Dec shot), as we bought him a box of biscuits as a special treat. We're sure he will be extremely busy modelling for Lou in the coming weeks ahead.

ou with Nicky (sales attendant) and one of her winning shots of Scooter!

Is that Annie Leibovitz? No, it's our very own Lou!

Sharp shooter - Lou trying out a few cameras ...

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