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Winners in our eyes

Just before Christmas, we received an email out of the blue from Aurel Sinko-Uribe. He is a Y12 student from Queens Park Community School who took part in one of our joint events with The Challenge to help connect issues of homelessness with young adults. Teaming up with 3 of his other classmates (David Okoineme, Mohamad Habibzadeh and Jasper Zarinst (Team Leader)), they decided to nominate Cafe Art as their supporting organisation in the First Give programme. First Give works with secondary schools to help young people give their time, tenacity and talent to help their local communities. This student-led initiative allows them to channel their creativity, believe, determination and positive qualities for social change. And this they did, as they managed to make it to the finals - 7 chosen out of 12 Teams - well done, guys!!! Standing in front of a packed hall with a panel of 6 judges, they gave a strong showing, a great presentation and a passion for the cause behind Cafe Art. Even though they did not win, we are all so very proud of each and everyone of them. Thank you and well done again from the bottom of our hearts for believing in the photographers, artists and Cafe Art. That is what matters most and you all are truly winners in our eyes!

David, Jasper, Aurel, Mohamad, with ROL and Paul, representing Cafe Art at the First Give finals.

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