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MYPERTH joined MYWORLD Photo Projects this week with the publication of their calendar. The calendar has a limited print run so if anyone is interested in obtaining one, you need to act quickly! Enquire at

Michael Allwright, founder of MYSYDNEY and Homelessness in Focus in Sydney said: "We are delighted to announce the 2022 MYPERTH calendar, the latest in the MYWORLD calendar series - empowering people affected by homelessness through photography and entrepreneurship. We thank the artists for their work and for sharing their stories with us, for their vulnerability and

willingness to engage in such an important cause.

"The MYWORLD photography project took place in Perth, Western Australia this year. Fujifilm Quicksnap cameras were handed to people affected by homelessness. The top 13 photos were then selected with the help of a local Perth photographer, and they now feature in the 2022 MyPerth calendar.

"The pictures were taken primarily by those attending the art classes at RUAH, Northbridge with the support group uneARThed. The project was run at a grass roots level by Perth local, Tiffany McMahon, with support from the Sydney based charity Homeless In Focus and sponsorship from Fujifilm Australia.."

Jai Jaru and Evelyn Rosemary have been leading MySydney this year, with some remote help from founder Michael Allwright. Due to Sydney being in lockdown for much of 2021, like London Sydney ran a digital competition this year.

The calendar has been designed and will be printed in the next week - there is an exhibition featuring the winning images which will take place at TEDs camera stores, Pitt Street, Sydney between mid-December and the end of January. The calendar will be available for purchase at TED's camera store and from the participants.

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