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MyLondon calendar launches 6 September

The 2023 MyLondon calendar will be unveiled when a 30-day crowdfunder will be launched on Tuesday 6 September.

One hundred cameras were distributed to people who have been affected by homelessness in July and they had seven days to take photos of London.

The theme is not homelessness - but what people love about London. With a long-standing connection to The Royal Photographic Society (The RPS) the focus (excuse the pun!) is on beautiful photography. The project is a social enterprise and the calendar is printed on quality paper as well.

The goal of the project is to empower people through photography as well as through entrepreneurship. Photographers are paid well for the photos that make it into the Top 20 finalists. In early August the Top 20 were voted on by the public in Canary Wharf Elizabeth Line Station and the most popular photos have made it into the calendar.

On 6 September the current crowdfunder, raising money for the new MyWorld charity, will be added to with the annual MyLondon crowdfunder which will last 30 days. The current and new rowdfunder raises money for the photographers who earn money directly from every greetings card and photograph sold.

Our goal is to help our photographers earn money now so please buy some cards or photographs now!

Thanks for the support.

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