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Smartphones for homeless people?

There's a new design award and we've been asked to help out with the judging!

The Black Sheep Awards are hosted by Carter Wong Design (CWD).

CWD are the big-hearted company who has been designing all of the MyLondon and other partner cities (eg Budapest, New Orleans Sydney, Sao Paulo, etc) as well as Cafe Art's logo/branding etc for free!

This year's Black Sheep Awards brief was 'How would you change societies perceptions of the homeless owning smartphones?' Not only does the concept needs to be bold with longevity in mind, but the design needs to stop us in our tracks, exceed people's expectations, communicate on a deeper level as well as flexible to be used across multiple platforms. A tall order indeed!

Cafe Art was indeed honoured to be invited to be part of the judging panel which included House of Barnabas, Norwich University of the Arts and CWD themselves.

We're pleased to say that ROL was there as part of the Cafe Art Judging Team. The standard was extremely high and you have to wait for the results to be announced officially by CWD. We will keep you posted!

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